The Elmhurst Bush Nursing Centre delivers a community based health service which provides a broad range of healthcare services to the rural communities of Elmhurst, Warrak, Landsborough, Crowlands, Amphitheatre and districts. The Bush Nursing Centre in Elmhurst has played a major role in providing healthcare to local residents since 1916.
Our Vision
To provide communities with services which promote health and wellbeing.
Our Values
· Best Practice – We value and promote quality services using evidence based practice.
· Working together – we value effective communication with all individuals and organizations
· Choice – We value providing information and options to allow informed decision making
 ·  People focused – we value providing services which are respectful and responsive to individuals and groups 

Strategy 1
Services are responsive to community needs.

Strategy 1

EBNC is an employer of choice.

Strategy 3

Governance systems are efficient and accountable and enable EBNC to respond strategically.

Strategy 4

Community and stakeholders are well engaged with EBNC.





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